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Leave patio heaters behind and relax outdoors on your deck or dock. Enjoy cool weather moments in comfort like never before outdoors, all day and evening. Feel the difference and embrace Wrmth's made in Canada heated furniture.

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Feel the Difference that Wrmth brings

Our patented thermal core adds controlled radiant heating to furniture generating a warm and soothing experience. Built to last and hand crafted in Ontario from modified stone each chair is offered in a range of colours and patterns inspired by the Canadian shield. We are proudly Canadian.

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Founded in 2020, Wrmth was created to solve the issue of staying warm when it gets cold. A small team of local entrepreneurs came together to create a solution to those chilly cottage evenings.

Located in northern Ontario, we are committed to locally made heated furniture to help make that sweet Canadian heat last all season long. 

We're excited you found us! We can't wait to become an essential part of your cottage experience.

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Made in canada

Wrmth products are proudly designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada. Canadian craftsmanship and know-how goes into each of our products ensuring superior quality and Canadian hardiness!

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